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So my cousins decided to surprise me and are coming in next week from philly. I figured i would take them to key west for some drinking, and fun in the sun. obviously this is bittersweet as i look forward to seeing them, but them giving me such notice has put some strain on finding a hotel and watersport activities. I suppose i could get all of them drunk and leave them on duval street, but I digress.

We will only be staying 1 night, and so far the hotels i've looked at are the almond tree inn, (king suite) looks cool 336 for a night. And the Hyatt windward pointe for 331. two room suite. Anybody stay in either? I definitely want something close to duval street. Preferably stumbling distance.

As for watersports, I figure after a night of booze, we can hit the water saturday morning after a greasy breakfast. I need a good jet-ski rental place. No idea on where do this one though..

Any insight would be great! Thanks gents.
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