Kendall Jenner Spent Someone's Salary on a New Couch...

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What would you do with an extra $50,000? Buy a new car to shuffle you around? How about splurge on an awesome far-away vacation? Whatever your answer is, it surely isn’t the same as Kendall Jenner…because she bought a “couch” with it.

I use the term “couch” loosely, as the thing really doesn’t have much shape or structure to it. The “couch” is Boa by Edra, as it is supposed to resemble a bunch of boa constrictors which just so happened to weave itself into something that looks like, well, this:

Yep, that cost $52,000. It was designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana and Edra describes it as "a large woven nest.” Whatever it is, it does look comfy to lounge around on while flipping through a magazine - but can you really call it a couch?!

120 meters of blue bright velvet for your pleasure #boa #sofa #campanabrothers #bluevelvet #design #edra[/URL]

A photo posted by EDRA (@edra_insta) on Sep 19, 2016 at 4:44am PDT

Kendal herself threw her two cents in about the piece, stating how she had been “really good in came in way under budget on my furniture allowance”. So, logically, the only way to overcome saving money (as it is such a disease nowadays) is to hand over $52,000 for a glorified blanket made of jumbo noodles.

by @estudiocampana, in our stand at Salone del Mobile 2016.#sofa #design #modern #edrainspirations[/URL]

A photo posted by EDRA (@edra_insta) on Apr 30, 2016 at 5:55pm PDT

Keep making those good decisions, Kendall!

[ Source: Curbed]

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