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Jon Oakley from Oakley Design just send me an e-mail today that the first video of his newest project; the Ferrari 458 Italia is online. After a period of testing (Oakley Design start met het testen van de Ferrari 458 Italia - Autogespot) they went to France to shoot a video of the car.

Filmpje: Ferrari 458 Italia door Oakley Design klaar voor gebruik - Autogespot

For the readers, the press release I've just got.

Oakley Design.Eu - Press Release September 2010 Ist Car Delivered

Following international acclaim for their finely honed Porsche GT2, GT3 and Panamera conversions, Oakley Design is now proud to announce their tuning programme for the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Production limited originally to 5 has now been increased to 7 cars due to early demand and confirmed orders, with each bearing a unique build number plaque. Outside of this Limited Edition model, individual parts will also be made available for clients who do not require the complete package.
There is also now a possibility of a Ducati 1198 superbike with ‘carbon edition’ design to compliment the sale of each car to make the ultimate Italian package complete.

With Jon Oakley’s motorsport background central to the company’s philosophy, any change, whether aerodynamic or mechanical, is only done for sound technical reasons.
Wind tunnel testing proved that the carbon-fibre front spoiler lip adds 25kg of downforce over the front axle at 150mph (240km/h, benefiting aerodynamics.
Further internal airflow management is seen in the radiator air exit ducts beside the headlamps, which receive carbon-fibre inserts and improved ducting from the radiators.
Deeper, wider side sills improve airflow control down the cars flanks, as well as helping to optimize the flat-bottom effect. The longer but 10kgs lighter carbon-fibre rear diffuser has deeper boundary layer fences to improve directional stability.
Finally, a new rear spoiler with Gurney flap adds 23kg of downforce over the rear axle at 150mph. This works together with the underbody diffuser to reduce the Italia’s overall drag by smoothing out the separating airflow.
The only exterior alterations made for cosmetic reasons are the signature Oakley Design carbon-fibre roof panel, mirror covers and engine cover insert below the rear window glass. These are matched in the engine bay by carbon-fibre panels covering the inner wings and rear bulkhead.

Lower kerb weight automatically improves performance and puts less stress on the suspension, tyres and brakes. The complete titanium exhaust system with triple outlet pipes and no bypass valve shaves a huge 32kg from the Italia’s aft section, where it counts the most.
At half the weight of cast alloy equivalents, the new lightweight Forged HRE wheels save a significant 5.0kg of unsprung weight per corner. Their adjusted offset keeps the wheel centre line the same as OE to compensate for the half-inch wider footprint at each corner.
Oakley Design will offer 9.0J x 20-inch and 11.0J x 20-inch wheels with 245/35ZR20 and 295/35ZR20 tyres, as well as one-inch diameter smaller 9.0J x 19-inch and 11.0J x 19-inch HRE Racing wheels shod with the New Pirelli Trofeo tyre in sizes 245/35/19 and 325/30/19 that meets the latest EU regulations for street legal trackday rubber.
Apart from lower back-pressure in the new exhaust system, the improved throttle response and output is down to the larger carbon-fibre air intake box, larger ram air feeds and larger diameter white silicon pipes with Oakley Design logos connecting the air boxes to the intake.

With an ECU remap optimising the fuelling and ignition curves, these changes account for an approximate 10 percent power gain from 570bhp to 623bhp, while torque is up five percent from 540Nm to 573Nm

Carrying around 65kg less and with more power on tap, the factory 3.4 sec 0-100km/h time drops to 3.0sec, while top speed has been recorded at over 335km/h.
As reducing the sprung weight has the effect of stiffening the suspension, the car is undergoing extensive testing in this form. A bespoke suspension kit for hard-core trackday drivers is also underway at Intrax, Oakley Design’s suspension and development partner.

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Thanks for sharing, that's truly the sickest 458 I have see to date. Just beautiful.

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that 458 is really sick looking, best color combo i thnk.. but oh my gaaawwwddd is that ducati nice. im a huge italian bike fan and wow is that bike sweet
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