Just local dealership

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Too bad it's not garage, but I had to post for others to enjoy.


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this is in "penske wynn" in the Wynn Hotel am i right? cause i went a couple months back and they had that CCX and all those ferraris
Scottsdale Ferrari. I've been meaning to head down there to check the Koenigseggs out. I think they have a "normal" CCX with over 900hp as well.
Yep Jake is right, It's at Scottsdale Ferrari.
Although i knew they had it, but I never had seen it there until that night. It seems like it's always on loan and if I'm right it's from 2008 and it's been upgraded over the factory standard HP from technicians all the way from Sweden.... (at least it wasn't just some local company)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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