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In an ironic twist, a magistrate in Sydney, Australia, threw out a speeding ticket because he felt the patrol car that gave chase was far too slow to accurately determine how fast the ticketed sports car was going. Magistrate Michael Wheeler dismissed the charges against Leone Antonino Magistro, a mechanic, after he was pulled over and cited for driving more than 100 mph in a customer’s 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo by an officer driving a Ford Falcon.

"With no disrespect to the Ford Falcon, could it cut the mustard with the Lamborghini being driven by the accused?" said Judge Wheeler while awarding the mechanic $18,000 AUD in court costs. "Ultimately, the police vehicle was so far behind the Lamborghini at all times that when the police vehicle seemed to be doing 160 km/h, it was impossible to really estimate, or really guesstimate, how fast the (Lamborghini) was moving away from them," he added.

The story first made headlines after police impounded the car for a month even though the owner, a Dr. Patrick Nugawela, was considered a victim. The police cited Australia’s new anti-hoon laws, which are applied to any car caught going more than 37 mph over the speed limit, for the impounding. Dr. Nugawela is accusing the police of damaging the car’s electrical system while it was in its care, leaving him with a $50,000 repair bill. The police deny damaging the vehicle.

[via Sydney Morning Herald]

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