Jaguar XFR - New to me!

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After nearly 8 months of car shopping, I finally made a purchase today. 2010 Jaguar XFR, Black on Black, with Jaguar's CPO warranty good through 09/16.

I'm truly excited, but I still have to arrange getting it home to Baltimore from Boston.

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Jaguar xf

Land vehicle Vehicle Luxury vehicle Car Sedan
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Very elegant, and sharp in black! What made you go with the XFR?
Thanks! I was going back and forth between a RRS or Infiniti FX50 (especially on the snowy days here), and the XFR or CTS-V.

I decided I wanted to stay with a fun RWD sport sedan (coming from a Lexus IS350). I didn't want a CTS-V sedan since one of my pet peeves is owning a prior generation of a car. I thought about a CTS-V Wagon but no good deals came along, so I went with the XFR.

Oh, and I should mention that German vehicles aren't an option due to family dynamics, otherwise I would have had a LOT more options.
Wasn't it you that also picked up an R8 V8. There's too many "Aaron's" on the 4. I get cornfused.

Nice pick up.
Black is the only way to go on the newer Jags. Check out Mina Gallery if you haven't already
Thanks, all! And no, no R8 for me :( that was an Aaron down in TX I believe. And I've been contemplating a Mina exhaust but haven't made a decision yet.
Congrats! I think you made the right decision.
Looks great! These cars have really grown on me over the last few years.
Nice , Congrats
Love this car. My buddy picked up this exact car a month or two ago.
Thanks, all! I just booked tickets to pick it up and drive it home next Wednesday.
8 months and well worth the wait. Nice choice, enjoy it.
Excellent choice! I own a CPO 2012 XF Portfolio 5.0 and the car has been amazing! Congrats!!!
Thanks, all! And I saw your thread, Joekr. Beautiful car, and I love the 2012 facelift. I just couldn't justify the additional cost over the '10 just for aesthetics. Enjoy yours!
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