The Tesla Model S has been a revelation in terms of luxury, efficiency and performance, so it would make sense for the world’s best purveyor of electric cars to want to expand outside the four-wheel sector and into two wheels. 3D artist Jans Slapins has provided us a glimpse of what Tesla’s two-wheel future might look like.

The Tesla Model M Concept is full-electric motorcycle powered by a 200-hp motor and a lithium-ion battery pack, which is mounted as low as possible in the chassis to lower the bike’s center of gravity. Four selectable modes, Race, Cruise, Standard and Eco, control power delivery. Because of the high-torque characteristics and linear power delivery of the electric motors, a transmission isn’t needed, and carbon fiber wheels reduce both overall and un-sprung weight.

It’s modern, café-racer styling strikes the right balance between retro and futuristic, and the water-tight storage compartment, located where you would normally find the fuel tank, is large enough to swallow a backpack, laptop or even a full-face helmet.

Unfortunately, Tesla doesn’t have any plans to build a motorcycle (companies like Zero, Lightning and Energica already do), but the company has plenty of products in the pipeline. Deliveries of the Model X crossover begin this month and development of the $35,000 Model 3 sedan is well underway.

[ Jans Slapins 3D via Silodrome ]