Lamborghini has recently trademarked a name, which is mounting speculation on their next ambitious project.

Car companies trademark names all the time, just in case they want to use it in the future, or to even spite competitors by taking away a potentially sweet name for them. But this is a little different; the name is "Egoista," which means "Selfish" in Italian. Not too likely companies are clamoring to name their car that…

What makes it more intriguing is Lambo did have a prototype car called Egoista, an absolutely bonkers one-seater concept that premiered back in 2013. It looks like the offspring of an Apache attack helicopter and Batman’s Tumbler. See for yourself:
Lambo hasn’t confirmed if they’ll make a production-friendly version of the Egoista anytime soon, but it’d fit nicely in their line as a niche, track-focused, one-seat version of the Huracan.