Is a scam??

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Im looking to buy some designer stuff and came across Louis Vuitton Handbag, Chanel Handbag, Prada Handbag, Gucci Handbag... some of their prices are cheap enough to send up a red flag but i havnt found any info or reviews suggesting that this place might be a scam. What do you guys think? anyone ever have an experience with them? Let me know.

Thanks in advance!
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scam, no contact info for seller and i always check one item against this case a chanel bag msrp $2225 listed here for $250, strait from some province in china.
Here are Calbrena, we offer the finest in counterfeit handbags.
Yea thats what i figured. damn. Thanks for the input!
one thing that is a give away is when they offer every high end brand under the sun. maybe in vegas u can find all these products in one mall but no one retailer has every major brand, just like ADs don't carry every watch brand. i don't think nieman marcus wants its clients to have 50 choices, prolly five strong choices is the best sales scenario.
HAHAHA!!! I don't usually like to re-open old threads, but I think the OP would appreciate this!! Click the link now and see where it gets re directed to!
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