The Nissan GT-R is a supercar that doesn’t get as much fanfare compared to the eye-grabbing Huracans and Veyrons of the world. The car does have a quiet following of devoted fans that love the stock GT-R, and tuning the beast to incredible levels.

Gidi, the mind behind the Alpha 20 Nissan GT-R – or what was the fastest GT-R in the world until the introduction of the Alpha Omega GT-R – has decided to create another mean GT-R machine.

The “Alpha G”, which Gidi describes as the most hardcore GT-R ever built, should have a wicked 2,500hp when all’s said and done. It’ll boast the latest Alpha VR38 Billet Version 2 engine block and two Garrett GTX Turbos, pushing the Alpha 20 to the backseat.

Gidi is collaborating with AMS Performance on the ambitious project; full specs on the tuned supercar will be released at TX2K16 in March.