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Many argue that iPE’s Exhaust Systems are some of the best sounding in the world no matter what make & model vehicle it’s being installed on. Is it the absolute best? Well, sound is subjective however we do agree that their new 991 GT2RS downpipes are absolutely incredible.

Made from high strength-to-weight ratio stainless steel the iPE performance downpipes can be chosen either with 200 Cell Sport Cats or Cat Bypass. The increased performance & sound gains from such a minor modification seems almost unreal.

We were fortunate enough to become the first in North America to install these bad boys on the RS back in November. We wish we had some more time for video sessions but as you might imagine the owner was eager to get behind the wheel and enjoy the car ;)

These units are currently in-stock but in limited supply. We will be receiving more in about 7-10 business days for those who don’t beat the first rush. Contact us for more details & pricing.

- [email protected] || 786 249 0127 ext. 2107 -
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