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Hello L4P, We are from Gilbert,Az. We wanted check out your forum, A customer of ours spoke of the hype. We wanted to see for ourselves. We do own and build high-end cars and are happy to speak with like minded people. Thanks, Intense.

Here are a few pics of our 1000hp Widebody G35

And Our 1000hp widebody Supra currenty for sale in dupont.

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Damn that supra is nice! Welcome to the 4!
welcome to the 4! sick cars! if you're interested in sponsorship, be sure to talk to one of the mods.
welcome :)
Thank you for all your posts. Turbo we are just looking into this forum for now. If there is a great interest, we will surely consider sporsoring.
Welcome to the 4!!!!
Welcome, and good-looking cars. The G35 kind of reminds me of the Falken Drift cars (the color at least). Nice work on the CF charge pipes on the Supra.
that supra is beautiful.....i want
welcome to the 4!

Good Looking Cars.

Love the 2J
very clean engine bay on the supra... welcome to the 4izzle
magazine from Taiwan... The supra engine bay looks amazing!!!
Thank you all for the kind welcome.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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