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Greetings all, my name is Tom, I am 25 and I live in Las Vegas, NV. I have been visiting the four for a while and appreciate finally becoming a member.

I work in property management and event planning for private estates in Las Vegas where my time is spent making sure that clients' expectations are blown out of the water and their wildest dreams are fulfilled.
I’m a Marketing major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and have worked for a number of businesses that have allowed me to accumulate skills and knowledge along the way.
I am hedging my education at UNLV with experience in life, work and play.
If you’d like any input on things to do and/or places to visit in town don’t hesitate to ask. From lounging at the pool to penthouse parties, road course racing to the best tables in town I have a lot of fun...
I am looking forward to meeting everyone, gaining motivation through all that is here and sharing anything I have to offer with everyone.
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