Introducing the D2Autosport "D2 Edition" 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Hey L4P,
Recently at D2Autosport we have introduced a new platform for dealerships to give them a fresh look on their business, drive new traffic, and increase overall profitability. We take order of one of their new 2014 units, and modify them in a clean, OEM+ style with simple upgrades that speak volumes.

The first car we did in this program was a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee for Central Avenue Chrysler Jeep Dodge. The car sold in 4 days after we gave it back!

The truck received an overall black out, all chrome was done gloss black, fresh aggressive Cordon wheels, SRT style striping, tint work, etc. When it was all said and done we had an "unveiling" event at the dealership, and everyone had a great time!

The Cherokee in it's stock form:

The Jeep next to the shop Durango, which is what the Jeep was modeled after.

About 10 days later...

We'd love to hear what you guys think! We are currently working on a brand new Mercedes CLA for MB of Huntington, and are having an event there on the 12th at 6PM showing off our work to the CLA.

Thanks all,
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Much better now!
Total transformation, love this build
could I get more info on those wheels?
From what I hear, another one just got completed and delivered by D2AUTOSPORT. Keep it up!
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