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I can only comment on the leather bit (late for class already)

Check out a product called Nourish, by Prima Car Care. Should be what your looking for. I've also had good luck with Lexol in the past.
Nourish is great (I use and sell it) but if you have a lot of buildup, I would suggest a treatment with Leatherique Rejuvinator first. Apply it to the leather and let it bake in the sun for a day or so.

Then get a bucket of warm water and some small towels/microfibers and a leather brush and some Leatherique Prestine Clean. Spray on the Prestine Clean, scrub with the brush to release some of the dirt, and then wipe off with a wrung out towel that has been in the warm water.

Do that about twice a year and then maintain with Prima Nourish when you do quick details on the car (maybe once a month or so) and your leather will last for a very long time!

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