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Inside the Vorsteiner Design Studio: Aventador-V Zaragoza Front Spoiler

As with all of the products at Vorsteiner, everything they offer is designed in-house, allowing them complete control over the final result. Not only do they shape clay models of each aero component, but every single carbon fiber piece they create is also handmade thanks to their extensively trained carbon fiber craftsmen. Many steps in the production process are not pictured, such as the 3D laser scanning, 3D renderings, and CNC rapid prototyping. Countless hours go into creating something that's truly unique and we hope this gives you an idea of the extensive designing and fitting each components requires.

Here is a glimpse behind the scenes of the Vorsteiner design team and engineers at work creating the prototype for the upcoming Aventador Zaragoza Front Spoiler. The first carbon fiber prototype will be ready in two weeks, stay tuned!

Beginning with the clay modeling stage, each facet of the spoiler is painstakingly carved out by hand.

In the hands of an expert, the clay takes shape using a wide variety of tools.

They are getting closer! Notice how one side of the model is very smooth, while the other side has yet to be finished.

The modeler works in a room with plenty of mirrors, enabling them to see every angle at a glance.

Here is the front view showing the vast difference between the stages of progress while carving the clay.

A lot of work is put into just the clay modelling alone! This is only one phase of the design process.

Fingerprints in the clay show just how much effort goes toward shaping the clay before any carving or smoothing tools are utilized.

Many changes are made between clay modeling, rapid prototyping, and final production.

A lot of thought is put into airflow, clearances, visual geometry, and OEM tolerance limits.

The Vorsteiner engineers examine each line and determine the height, length, leading edges, rounded vs. sharp lines and other variables in order to complement the existing body lines.

Questions and comments welcome! We would love to hear feedback from all Lamborghini owners alike.

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Love seeing the process in which things are made. Makes me appreciate the final product so much more. This lip looks perfect!
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