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On a more upbeat note.

I have just gotten and interesting bit of info from a B Combat owner about the NH15.

"I thought that you'd like to know that the NH15J "hacks" if you hold
the crown steady when setting the time. It's not a "true" hacking
mechanism, but the second hand does stop when setting the time. A
pleasant discovery!"
So, he's allowed to stop the second hand (when its not supposed to) if holding it in a certain position in a movement that is already having proven issues? I wouldn't call that a pleasant discovery. I mean I like those that hack; but if its not supposed to, maybe it shouldn't; or maybe its another symptom of a sick (and I don't mean good) movement. Just like if I had a movement that was supposed to hack and didn't. I dunno. Sounds like a minor catastrophe.
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