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When it comes to car wrapping, one must look no further than at Impressive Wrap. Quite simply, we ensure that you can count on us for a wide variety of selections, premium materials, hi-quality work, exceptional dependability and great service. With such a broad range to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Choose from some of the most popular services which we provide and don’t forget…it isn’t a wrap unless it’s Impressive Wrap!

Vinyl Wrap Film:
Side Mirrors
Trunk Lid
Window Trims
The Entire Vehicle!

Clear Bra:
Full Front
The whole vehicle!

Tail & Headlights Tint:
Multiple brands to choose from
Numerous colors and options

Interior Wrapping:
Only the finest finishes that your car deserves
Custom trims/accents to compliment the interior

Wrapping vs. Painting:
Re-painting will depreciate the resale value of your vehicle.
Preserve your original factory paint.
Offer buyer 2 color choices doubling your selling chances.
Tired and want to change the color of your leased vehicle…no problem
Your vehicle didn’t come in the color you desired…no problem
Wraps are durable and serves as a deflector from road debris, weathering, wear&tear.
Carbon Fiber, Clear Bra, and custom stripes/decals can be wrapped NOT painted.
Wrapping interior parts is far more effective and removal is a breeze.
Avoid common painting problems like fading, flaking, runs, fish eyes, orange peel.
Quality wrap brands you can count on and trust such as 3m, Avery, Hexis, Suntek.
Sure some paint jobs may be cheaper but expect low quality no name brands.
A high quality wrap is less expensive than any high quality paint job guaranteed.
Achieve impressive results like chrome/brushed metal finishes that paint can’t do.

626.376.8840 James
[email protected]


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