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Houston Coffee & Cars spoke to Urbancitylifetv exclusively and provided us with the following information regarding Novembers event cancellation.

"Good morning, first and foremost I'd like to clarify that the event has not been canceled completely. It has only been canceled for November due to the situation at hand, unfortunately that is how rumors get started and many will take advantage of the situation.

"As you've heard Uptown Park decided it would no longer support us automotive enthusiasts, I don't think they realize the amount of positive exposure that the event brought to them, local and international exposure in the world's most recognized magazines, TV shows, online magazines and more. Many of the stores there are happy with us and stores such as the cupcake store wanted to become more active in the automotive community with our event.

Unfortunately we were not allowed a transition to help us move the event to a new venue in an organized manner and this forced us to cancel the November event as Uptown was very strict in their position to not allow the event at Uptown park anymore.

Regardless of the way events took place and not receiving further support it is also a reality that the event is growing month after month and with the exclusive cars that will make an appearance next year, the event will keep growing and getting better. We have outgrown Uptown Park and it is also our responsibility to make sure that the event is enjoyable for everyone and that many more people can find parking spaces. This past month, many who were there to showcase their car did not find parking and of course visitors did not find parking either.

We are going to find the next perfect spot for the event, it will remain around the Galleria area, this area is a central area to everyone and we have to remember that this event covers all Houston and surrounding areas and we have visitors from all over town including Sugar Land, Stafford, The Woodlands, Katy to name a few and even from out of town including Arizona, Louisiana and as far as New York and Los Angeles.

Another downside are the other unofficial "Coffee & Cars" that have surfaced around Houston. I just want to let everyone know that they are not ours and they are trying to take advantage of what we've built by using the name to draw people to their business which is something we are completely against. Our event will always be free and with no commercialism, our event is for the people, for all automotive enthusiasts to enjoy and smile every first Saturday of the month!

Houston Coffee & Cars is here to stay and will keep growing!" - Houston Coffee & Cars
Source: Houston's video city guide, social & business networking site
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