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Well, after regretting the day I sold my 97 TTS in 2009 (w/only 9,000 miles) and ultimately, seriously considering and starting the search for a replacement in 2013, I finally located and pulled the trigger on this one:

Although it's not a TTS, it's the next best thing. I'm making the introduction backwards with the link to all the UMW upgrades currently in progress (1st call I made the day after i purchased the TT was to Kevin w/UMW). I purchased the same upgrade as I did with the TTS, as follows:
-Zero Clearance Turbos hybrid (keeping my original)
-100 cell cats set up, new(keeping my original)
-Turbo Oil Lines
-Check valves
-Sport Clutch LWLF w/GT3RS 4.0
-UMW ECU (keeping my original)
Also had PSS10 installed and RUF secondary oil cooler.

The car has been at RMG getting a complete tune up, and thoroughly going over every inch of the car to insure its mechanically perfect before I pick it up. Even though it only has 22,000 miles on it, it's still 17 years old.

Bob and Dan at RMG are doing a great job and Kevin helped guide me through the various TT's I was considering to purchase.

Should be ready this week and I can't wait to take it out for a spin.

Looking forward to being back in the Porsche family.

I'll post pictures when I get her home and complete a full detail.

Hope the link works

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