For Lamborghini’s 30 th anniversary, the revered car company created an even more devastating version of their disgustingly awesome Diablo flagship model. The result was the Diablo SE30, a lighter and more menacing Diablo that became the company’s fastest and most technologically advanced car. For anyone interested, this killer piece of Lambo history goes up for auction tomorrow .

The intimidating SE30 featured wider wheels, a larger rear wing, and a more aggressive front spoiler. And while the original Diablo already had the capability of topping 200 mph, the performance of the SE30 was incredibly even better. This model was limited to Lamborghini’s 150 best customers.
Of course Lamborghini wasn’t satisfied with creating the baddest supercar out there, so they went one step further in making the SE30 an all-out beast. They introduced the Jota package, an upgrade to the SE30 that added 70 horsepower to the 5.7-litre V-12. That boost created a total output of 595 brake horsepower, an increase of over 100 horses from the original Diablo.
The SE30 Jota sprints from 0–60 in 3.8 seconds, and reaches 100 mph in 9.1 seconds. The top end is an impossible 211mph!

Long story short, the SE30 Jota became a racecar you could drive in the streets.
Only 28 Jota upgrade kits were made for the Diablo SE30, but only 15 were modified by the Lamborghini factory themselves. The example offered here via RM Sotheby’s auction is the latter, in a special order colour combination of metallic blue/violet.
Late-model analogue supercars have become increasingly desirable to collectors thanks to the sweet driving experience, packing as much power in a street-legal car as possible. It’s the most radical Diablo ever created, so if you’re a fan, the SE30 is the best you can get.