Flying over the coast of Australia’s Cape Tribulation offers spectacular views of the Coral Sea, a blanket of gorgeous green trees, and you may even come across a self-sufficient, almost industrial-looking luxury home called Alkira.

Designed by the award-winning Charles Wright, this home is completely self sufficient meaning it has its own water supply, power and septic. Also affectionately known as the “Stamp House”, this residence has been awarded the 2014 Queensland Architecture Award.
The six-bed and bath home sits on approximately 12 acres of land…and water. That’s right, if you’ve ever wanted to live on water but aren’t married to the idea of boat life, this is definitely a property you should consider (should you have about $11 million just laying around, that is).
The entire home was designed to be functional, safe and most of all, resilient to Australia’s wet, tropical environment. It is the very reason why most of the exterior is made with concrete: it has a long life, able to withstand to Australia’s harsh weather and also ages well, offering a “patina” effect over time.
To reach the home, one has to be pass through the walkway, surrounded by the small lake on which the home sits on. The exterior is rugged and harsh, but the inside is packed with simply yet contemporary furniture and decor sure to awe any guest.
In the heart of the building is an outdoor dive pool, its shape mirroring the home’s concrete frame above, surrounded by some greens to take advantage of any splashed water.
Underneath the concrete ceiling, there are a few exterior seating areas as well as a completely stainless steel kitchen complete with double sinks, a range, dishwasher and oven.
Each of the six rectangular pods that reach out from the home’s middle contain a bedroom and bathroom, all uniquely designed to offer a different view of nature while still offering a private escape for you and your loved one.
While the exterior may be a little rough on the eyes for some, you’ll forget about it once you’re lounging about in your bedroom’s private outdoor bathtub, soaking up the sun and taking in Cape Tribulation’s stunning views.
At night, this home’s LED lights shine brightly to get the party started. Speaking of lighting, you may like to know that this off-grid paradise’s energy is completely carbon-neutral as well! Thanks to the solar panels on the roof, all its energy is stored in a battery which is used to power the air conditioning, lighting and anything else that uses electricity. The roof also collects water into its 250,000 litre in-ground water tank, integrated with all its hydraulic systems.
The ability to house so many people, coupled with its completely green energy and unique location, makes this concrete haven a great place for both families and couples who love to have a great time.
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