If you haven’t heard of the term “shadow yacht”, we can’t really blame you. The concept has been around for a few years (read: at least twenty), but not many know about it simply because not everyone can afford the yacht, never mind its shadow!

The idea of a “shadow yacht” goes back about 28 years in 1990 when a Saudi Prince purchased a superyacht-sized auxiliary vessel to follow his mega yacht around. He named it “Golden Shadow” and it carried around a seaplane and some boats. This sparked the idea for shadow yachts, which are enormous vessels to carry around provisions and tenders so owners can relax in their personalized yachts while the shadow carried the majority of the load.

Here are just a few reasons why having a shadow yacht is quite possibly the best thing a millionaire (with a lot of toys!) can purchase.

  1. You Don’t Have To Buy Up

When you have a ten or twenty year old yacht and your wealth is such that you can afford to buy a new one, you don’t necessary have to! If you’re in love with your decor and are happy with your layout, simply invest in a shadow yacht to haul all the extra stuff such as your tenders and whatnot.

  1. More Space To Yourself

With your shadow yacht hauling the helicopters, toys and tenders, you suddenly have more room in your own yacht! Can you say three pools,because we certainly can!

  1. Go Farther!

Tommy Sopwith’s Pilante, which was built in 1937, was one of the largest super yachts ever built and its job was to not only hold the J-Class racer Endeavour II’sspair sails and provisions, but it also towed them from Newport, Rhode Island to the New York Yacht Club for the America’s Cup. Long story short, the Pilante was built to have a transatlantic range and thus towed other vessels a long distance.


So, what are you waiting for?


[ Source: HowToSpendIt ]