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The infamous #i8pizza gets award winning upgrades starting with our LC Series...

Without a doubt James McDonnell created a firestorm with his BMW i8 he has coined "#i8Pizza" since early last year when he debuted his car lowered on our red Vossen Forged VPS-305T wheels.

The subsequent media production at the port of Miami was made even more special when the LouLaVie i8 was included and both cars were filmed at the Port of Miami...

Since that time James has not stayed still constantly changing his i8 setup eventually becoming the first i8 on air suspension thanks to Accuair and Slammered. We both thought it would be an amazing opportunity to debut our new LC Series wheels and James decided on the LC-104 with a new matte black wrap.

The car debuted at Wekfest Miami in December where it won best Euro honors. The time had come to do full media production and we felt this modern home was right at "home" with this amazing i8.

The LC Series debuted at our Vossen Sky Lounge during SEMA week 2015 and has quickly gained a cult following for blending the look of a 3-piece wheel with the positive aspects of 1 piece monoblock ownership.

You can see the full write-up here including the full photo gallery.

Love it or hate it, no one can deny the influence of Jame's #i8pizza!
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