Hyundai has just unveiled its first ever supercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The outrageously styled N2025 is Hyundai’s vision for a race car ten years into the future and is powered by a hybrid drivetrain that produces 871-hp. A hydrogen fuel cell produces 670-hp, while a super capacitor system produces the remaining 201-hp and harvests energy under braking.

Weighing in at just 2,140 pounds thanks to its carbon fiber construction, the N2025 boasts a power-to-weight ratio of about 900-hp per ton. Hyundai design chief Christopher Chapman appropriately describes it as “a fighter jet on wheels.”

Unfortunately, it’s only available to drive in Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 3 as part of the Vision Gran Turismo project, which means you can’t buy one. But it’s not all bad news. The Frankfurt show also marked the launch of the Hyundai’s N performance brand, meaning we’ll be seeing faster Hyundais in the very near future.