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Hey Guys,

I have placed an order for a Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic (Ref: 301.SM.1770.RX). It is currently on its way.
I am usually quite scared of being cheated and sold a fake, so I have been doing some reading online. Came to know about WISeKey security or Hublot.
Now, it is said that it validates the serial number that is on the back of the watch. My question is, and it might be really naive or stupid, that what if someone got hold of the WiseKey (I am not purchasing through a direct store. We don't have a direct store or boutique in our country) found the serial number, and then engraved it onto the back of the watch?

What are the ways to authenticate the watch? I am just too scared and my fears may look ill placed, please pardon me for that.
I will be waiting for your replies and advises.

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