How to ruin a Hummer H1 with a wrap!

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We see a lot of bad wraps.

The shop that did the matte black wrap on this beautiful H1 Hummer had a sure fire way not to see the origional yellow paint in the hard to wrap areas, corners and on the edges.
People that do things like this should be shot!

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Oh my. That's horrible. Why did he remove the wrap anyways?
sounds and looks like a horrible joke. sad part is it isnt.
not liking any part of the car. that thing looks horrible
Did they think he was never going to remove the wrap? There has to be more to this story.
Hopefully the owner is taking some serious actions against the installer. That's HORRIBLE business practices.
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is that paint???
There has to be more to this story.
That's what i'm thinking
wow. Losin'
I really hope its Plasti Dip Spray paint.... WOW!
wow, that's horrible. Hope the owner is taking action.
Its ready for the zombie apocolypse now
Thats just crazy . But the way it look wouldnt u notice when it wrapped where the wrap is ending since they painte the corners whole front etc. ? So even when it was instaled u could probably under closer inspection see that u have wrap edge than blck space and wrap edge again? Anyway its pretty bad i would raise hell !
Imagine the other cars/people this company probably did this too.
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The car was taken in on trade. The wrap was in rough shape. I didn't see the car with the wrap on it. i'm sure most of it was covered with vinyl. Why someone would do this is beyond me.
That better be some plasti dip and meant as a joke. Wow I would be pissed!
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