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How to carve up your lawn like a Lamborghini

Lamborghini is returning to its roots by offering up an array of Raging Bull-branded lawn care equipment. The Italian supercar manufacturer notoriously got its start hocking tractors, so it should come as no surprise that the suits at Sant'Agata have decided to return to the company's agricultural beginnings.

Lawn-care company IKRA has licensed the Tonino Lamborghini name for an array of landscaping implements of destruction, including grass and hedge trimmers, electric chainsaws and cordless sheers.

Sadly, from what we can tell, none of them come with a V12.

Somewhat surprisingly, the pieces aren't ridiculously priced, either. The IKRA electric chainsaw will set you back around $200 while the electric hedge trimmer comes in at a very manageable $150.

At the Tonino Lamborghini site you can take a closer look at the arsenal of landscaping goodies.

Gardening for the 'iPod generation'
The Independent

Luxury sports car brand Lamborghini has licensed out the brand to IKRA to design a series of chic garden tools under the name Tonino Lamborghini.

The range of Tonino Lamborghini garden tools includes electric chainsaws, hedge trimmers, cordless shears, and cordless grass trimmers all of which were exhibited at the Spoga Gafa trade show held in Cologne September 5-7.

The sleek and chic tools pay homage to the design aesthetics of Lamborghini's famous cars and were designed to appeal to members of the younger generation who may consider gardening uncool or unsexy.

The British Association of Garden Designers has previously suggested that if nothing was done to make gardening more trendy, then future generations would no longer take it up as a hobby. It is hoped that aesthetically pleasing and functional garden products such as these will reverse the declining interest in gardening and encourage the so-called "iPod generation" to take up horticulture as a hobby.

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I do not purchase Lamborghini’s because of the tractors that they once made but recognize that building tractors is what was done before they designed and built the gals we know now as the Lamborghini supercars.

So would I purchase a cell phone, a weed whacker, a laptop, or lawn mower because it says Lamborghini on it; not a chance in fact I would likely stray far away from it because it is being marketed based on something that it is not.

Far too many companies fall prey to this type of marketing and revenue stream believing that it increases product awareness when in fact all too often it simply increases name recognition that can and often times does become recognized with a crappy product on which the name is allowed to be placed.

Lamborghini is not a cell phone, a yard equipment, or laptop, company but rather a company that through their forward thinking presents a visionary performance exotic supercar and frankly I would prefer that this fact not be watered down

All the best

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