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We had a plane crash here in San carlos a little while back. I didn't pay much attention, but for some reason it just dawned on me to Google it.

Turns out Bob Borrmann the guy who owned the plane had been at our shop just a couple of days before hand. He was in his 90's and pulled in in his bright orange Mini conv. He spent almost an hour with me telling stories of his Old Lambos and Astons and how much he loved cars. Our last snippet of talk was about his plane. He commented how he had just paid for the annual to be done and was excited to get her there and back and in the air in the coming week. He jjoked that if he hadn't paid for the service he could have bought a Ferrari in cash....

Just goes to show you that life really is short and you never know when your conversation with someone may be your last.

Take the time to appreciate those in your life, I Know this has opened my eyes.

Small plane crashes near San Carlos Airport leaves three people dead |
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