Here at Luxury4Play, we’ve seen our fair share of lavish villas, unique houses and breathtaking estates, but comparing them to this Floridan home just isn't fair...


The home situated on this prime piece of beachfront property is none other than Gemini, a 33-bedroom, 34 full-bathroom (47 total bathroom) home on 2000 South Ocean Boulevard. It has been used to host many parties for its family guests and even heads of state, as it offers plenty of privacy yet at the same time, lots of space to party the night away.


The home and the guest houses (yes, there’s more than one!) make a total of 84,988 square feet, plus 1,200 feet of Atlantic beachfront to live it up on the beach.

Despite not having much information on the interior, if the balconies and sitting areas are any indication, the rooms, kitchens and rest of the home’s decor are sure to have a tropical yet regal feel.

Pool parties are a blast with Gemini’s enormous pool complete with two sets of stairs, a diving board and even a covered portion when temperatures start to soar!

Should you want to get your blood pumping, there is also half a basketball court, a tennis court, a PGA-standard practice golf course and even a miniature golf course for when mini you wants to have a swing.


The price for this magnificent beast? $195 million -this makes Gemini the most expensive house in the United States! While we aren’t sure if that is the title the new owner would take proudly, at least the home is gorgeous!

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