How Drake Ended Up Giving Away Acura TLX Sedans

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With over 585-million views on YouTube, Drake’s “God’s Plan” has become a major hit.

In the video, the artist gives away nearly $1 million USD in the form of cash, free groceries, shopping sprees, and cars including a pair of Acura TLX sedans. But Acura wasn’t originally part of the plan, according to the video’s production manager. In fact, the Honda Civic was the first choice, but Drake’s team opted for an Acura vehicle since the artist’s first car was a 2004 Acura TSX. You could say it was a sentimental pick for Drake, who often raps about his “Acura days” in his lyrics.

But the story on how the TLXs ended up in the video doesn’t end there. When production manager Liz Gonzalez contacted Esserman Acura in Doral, Florida to purchase three Acura ILXs, the dealership was skeptical at first. The Internet manager who first spoke to Gonzalez passed the inquiry over to the general manager, Francisco Diez-Rivas, who didn’t even know who Drake was.

From there, Diez-Rivas contacted the regional manager and found a Drake fan in Jason Bracken. Once Bracken confirmed the inquiry was legitimate, Gonzalez also had to put in some work by speaking with Acura execs in California, explaining the video’s premise. Not surprisingly, the Japanese automaker loved the idea of giving back to the community and agreed to be a part of the video within 48 hours. And instead of giving away an ILX, Acura decided to use the TLX instead.

Originally three Acura TLX sedans were supposed to be given away, but the production team later decided to just give away two TLXs and a  Ford  Transit van.

[Source:  Automotive News ]

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