How do you keep track of what you smoked?

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I just take pictures of them and will keep the band. I have a stack of bands in my desk.

How do you keep track or track of ones you want to smoke?
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I post on the "what did you smoke today/tonight" thread.... Even then, I forget....
I used to paste the bands into a book, mark the date/time smoked and make some tasting notes.
keep the bands of good ones.... plus i have a steal trap of a memory.

Wait what now what was i doing?....
I use an iPhone app called Mobile Stogie - Cigar Reference and Inventory App for the iPhone and iPod touch that was developed by a BOTL on another cigar forum.

The app has a reference library of cigars and if you are smoking something that is not in the library you can add it to the library.

You can also maintain an inventory of your humidors, maintain a wish list, etc.

It costs $4 but it is well worth it.
I just get Padrons and skip worrying if I'll like it or not/what i liked/etc...

ok some cubans are good...but i know all those I like too (they make good sammiches and dranks too)
I take pics and put them in the thread here.

Gonna check out that app though.
heh nice app. only collect the bands when i remember.

used to take notes in the beginning but that is long over.
I remember what I like and don't like. I only keep the bands because they look cool in a glass jar.
Trouble is, I can be at a buddy's and get one of his stogies while enjoying copious amounts of liquor. I do make an effort to keep the band.. but unless the cigar is stunning.. it's forgotten. Worst thing ever was I bought a 50cigar sampler, had different smokes throughout a whack of reputable brands.. and I disliked lots. Liked some.. and two years later.. Have no clue wtf was what. Fun. I'm thinking about that App.. hopefully there is a Android version.
Keep the bands, one day when I have smoked enough of them I will set them under glass into a coffee table!
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