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Getting married in Miami, Lucky!!! It's hard to recommend a hotel without knowing a little more about your budget but since you did mention hostels, I'm guessing you are not looking for an expensive 5 star hotel on south beach. Here are some hotels that might suit your needs:

The Pelican Hotel: the Pelican is as flauntingly ostentatious as they come, but with an almost Warholian wink—this is a fantasy land with no pretensions to authenticity, a playful and almost pranksterish put-on, with the guests fully in on the joke. Your family might share a laugh or two here. Rates start at: US$ 135 and include many amenities and services.

ONE Bal Harbour Resort & Spa is a great option if you are looking for something more contemporary classic. The hotel is located some fifteen minutes north of South Beach which is ideal if you are looking to get away from the "buzz" and get some piece and quiet at times. Rates start at US$ 178,85

The Perry South Beach is another great option and is located at the north end of the Collin Avenue Hotel. It’s not cheap, but what you get for your money is rather impressive. Rates starts at US$ 199

Miami has many options when it comes to hotels and rental companies. Have a look around. It shouldn't take you long before you find something that suits you and your family. Congrats on getting married!
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