Honeymoon in New York... calling New Yorkers...

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We're coming to New York next month for 6 nights. We fly in on Monday 20th and leave the following Sunday evening.

It's a while since I've been (5 years maybe), and the missus has never been, so we're both really excited about it.

I'm wondering what you locals can recommend we must see or do, places we must eat or drink, areas that are great to hang out in these days, not just in Manhattan, anywhere we can get to easily on the Subway, anywhere to get a real taste of New York and take some great photos.

I'm building a list of bars and restaurants I want to see/drink/eat in as that's what I design for a living over here and there's a lot of NY influence here right now, but you can't beat some hot off the press local knowledge. :D

For an idea of us to help your recommendations... We're mid-late 30's, we're designers not corporate high fliers, we're not 'fancy', we're up for getting dressed up to go out, but happy hanging out and relaxing in jeans and sneakers.

Any L4P cars & drinks meets happening while we're in town?

What do we need to know guys? :D
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Chucks weighs in...:)

ChuckEats us – new york

ChuckEats us – new york – cheaper

I don't know that Chuck ever did an "official" review, but you must try Keste on Bleecker, I can vouch for it too:


And Minetta Tavern, which according to Chuck, has one of best hamburgers in the world:

Minetta Tavern :: Home

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I was up there over the summer. If you are looking for a fun show to see without it being a huge Broadway production, but still very well known, STOMP was a blast and I would recommend it to anybody!
Great recommendation, and I'll add that it's very much worth it to see Blue Man Group and any Cirque du Soleil event.
Good recomendations so far guys...... L&B Spumoni Gardens, Balthazar & Minetta Tavern are all in Eater NY's Essential 38 NY Restaurants

Any opinions on any of the others in that list?
Any Momofuku location is worth the trip - I know you said you don't particularly care for Asian food but there are certain things on the menu that are worth the trip. American artisan ham platter is one, steamed pork buns another, cereal milk ice cream and of course the original ramen noodle bowls.

A trip to Joe's Shanghai should also be in oder, because regardless of your specific tastes, the sublime deliciousness of soup dumplings know no boundaries in my opinion.

Joe's Shanghai Restaurant - Home of the Soup Dumpling!

Another delicious treat is Pommes Frites on 2nd Avenue - truly amazing Belgian-style chips with 40+ dipping sauces...

Pommes Frites Inc./Menu


What about more bars?

Nightclubs? Gotta go clubbing one night while we're there!

edit, oops, that was meant to be an edit of the previous post
I'm generally not too big on the club scene, but a couple popular ones...


Fat Black Pussycat

And for music...

Pianos NYC

The Living Room

The Back Fence: World Famous New York City Corner Bar!

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Thanks PJ!

I love Asian food in general, just not Japanese, or more specifically Sushi, which over here at least is what Nobu is famous for.
Certainly my pleasure. Make sure you go to Joe's Shanghai - those soup dumplings are truly ethereal.

Balthazar has an epic fruits de mer offering and of course their on-site bakery is great.

I would also suggest you visit Chelsea Market, there are a number of different restaurants and shops that have all sorts of good stuff.

Ronnybrook Dairt in particular has some outrageously good milk and ice cream if that floats your boat.


A couple more things worth seeing...

Union Square Greenmarket | GrowNYC

South Street Seaport - Premier Shopping, Dining, Entertainment in Manhattan, New York

Charming locale...

Stone Street Tavern

Good ice cream...

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

I'd be curious what you thought of these chip shops...

Pommes Frites Inc./Menu

A Salt & Battery Home

Very good hot chocolate (in small doses):

Jacques Torres Chocolate

And of course the constant battle of the "original" pizza...

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

Lombardi's Pizza

John's Pizzeria

I've had all three and Keste eclipses them all, in my humble opinion.


The wife may or may not have seen this movie - they had a few health violations a while back, but the frozen hot chocolate is famous and actually pretty good...


These waffles are pretty outrageous if you can find the truck.

Wafels & Dinges

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That cart on 53rd and 6th is pretty good, but the line can be frustrating.

53rd & 6th | are you living the lifestyle? //

For street meat, I prefer the carne asada from here...

And if falafel is your game, this is all you'll need...

:: Mamouns Falafel Restaurant ::

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The carts are on the corner of Wooster and Prince and Crosby and Broome.
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