Honeymoon in New York... calling New Yorkers...

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We're coming to New York next month for 6 nights. We fly in on Monday 20th and leave the following Sunday evening.

It's a while since I've been (5 years maybe), and the missus has never been, so we're both really excited about it.

I'm wondering what you locals can recommend we must see or do, places we must eat or drink, areas that are great to hang out in these days, not just in Manhattan, anywhere we can get to easily on the Subway, anywhere to get a real taste of New York and take some great photos.

I'm building a list of bars and restaurants I want to see/drink/eat in as that's what I design for a living over here and there's a lot of NY influence here right now, but you can't beat some hot off the press local knowledge. :D

For an idea of us to help your recommendations... We're mid-late 30's, we're designers not corporate high fliers, we're not 'fancy', we're up for getting dressed up to go out, but happy hanging out and relaxing in jeans and sneakers.

Any L4P cars & drinks meets happening while we're in town?

What do we need to know guys? :D
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I'm going to suggest my all-time favorite restaurant. Nobu 57! It is the best Japanese (sushi) you will ever have. I think the design of the restaurant is cool, the service is great, and the food is outstanding! It is a bit pricey, but what isn't in NYC? Lol.

Where are you two going to be staying?

Obviously show her Times Square, 5th Ave (for shopping), Central Park area (including Columbus Circle), Battery Park (can include visit to Statue of Liberty), Soho (more shopping and cool sights). Are you going to see any Broadway shows? If you guys like museums, there are some very cool and interesting ones throughout the city (Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art). Maybe take a trip to the Empire State Building (there is an observation deck which could be an awesome photo opportunity). Honestly, taking one of the red tour-buses around might not be a bad idea. They will show you everything and you can just hop on and off whenever. I'm sure I will think of some more things for you two to see while in the city. You are going to have so much fun! Enjoy!
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Check out Hotel Gansevoort's rooftop bar. It's cool and in the meatpacking district. Should be a good time! Enjoy your trip!
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