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This pristine yellow 996 GT3 is going to be kept for the long-haul hence a few updates both for performance and safety were in order. First up was the Shark Werks coolant pipe fix for the GT1 engine, along with a 4.0 clutch and flywheel set up to go along with a beefed up Guard LSD set up. Also on tap was the EVOMSit software and a very-light set of HRE P40S wheels in silver.

In order to get to the coolant pipe/block location the entire engine has to come out.

This engine article covers the issue extensively.

Out comes the stock LSD to be beefed up by a Guard 60/40 unit:

With the engine and transmission out it's time for the factory RS 4.0 light weight flywheel and clutch kit.

With the engine back in, software tuned for 91 octane she has more "pep" and of course a light-weight set of HRE P40S monoblok wheels finished in silver.

Ready to go home:

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