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Situated in the picturesque hills of the Langhe Region of Piemonte Italy, the castle was originally built in the twelfth century by Marquis Del Carretto; a local feudal lord. It was largely rebuilt in the 16th century. The castle underwent another renovation completed in 1731 and was sold by Carl Emmanuel III to his minister. The castle was previously owned by the Savoia Royal Family since 1726.

After the second World War it was used as a summer college for the professional agricultural school of Cuneo. It is currently under private ownership and has been beautifully restored with its past history and period furnishings carefully preserved. Aside from a private residence, the castle can be converted to a hotel, resort or spa. It is in excellent order and provides immediately habitable accommodation as a home or vacation getaway.

The position and beauty of this Castle dominates the surrounding village area. It is thought that the Castle was built in the style of a residence rather than for defense purposes and consequently enjoys a park and garden area. It remains secure surrounded by walls with several entrances.

In recent years, the castle was has been modernized and restored. The three-story castle is over 2,700 square meters in size and has 36 rooms. It features a courtyard, private chapel, prison and stone Cantinas (wine cellars). The architectural details inside feature high vaulted ceilings with original frescos. There are several fireplaces on each floor and the entire castle has been connected to the local gas utility. A garden and parkland are also located on the site. The castle is also very secure and is equipped with a alarm system linked directly to the police barracks less than 100 yards from the castle.

The property the castle is located on is about 5,000 square meters. Also located on the property are two additional houses included in the sale that are in need of restoration. The houses can accommodate up to 10 rooms each and are both 200 square meters and include a garden, meadows and a courtyard. In addition there are attractive stone buildings surrounding one of the courtyard areas which provide an interesting opportunity to design and restore an additional 300-350 square meters of space. Also included in the sale is a natural stone Piemontese house for restoration. This house is attached to the church and backs onto the parkland of the Castle. The flat courtyard, parkland and terraces are suitable for a swimming pool.

At this time the owner of this property wishes to sell this property as a fully furnished estate. Included in the sale of this property are also over 3,000 precious historic treasures and priceless artwork. Included in the sale are antique furnishings from the 1500'-1700's, tapestries, over 600 paintings by many famous artists - with approximately half of these paintings dating back to the 15th-18th centuries. In addition there are various musical instruments, books, antique safes, silverware, clocks, sculptures, clothes, china, statues, and various other collectibles included in the sale.

Price available upon request. All negotiations strictly confidential.

Please contact:
Robert A. Pabich
Phone: +1-(860)-874-8444
Email: r [at]
Web: Robert A. Pabich - International Realty Network | Global Property Sourcing & Procurement

For additional information and pictures, please visit: Historic 12th Century Medieval Castle For Sale in Northern Italy | Robert A. Pabich - International Realty Network
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