There’s no doubt Ferrari makes some of the most desired supercars on the market. The LaFerrari, the 488 Spider, and the 458 Speciale are all cars that’re constantly coveted by collectors.

But it’s surprising to see the not-so-popular Ferrari California sell for a head-scratching $435,000 at the Artcurial auction in Paris. How does a little-loved supercar like this go for that much?

The owner certainly took that buyer for a ride. Prices for supercars with manual gearboxes have soared, and the final going price of this California proves that. Ferrari fanatics in particular might be willing to pay a premium, since manual Ferraris aren’t being planned for anytime in the near future.

This specific California was the last Ferrari ever offered with a manual transmission, and one of five overall to be ever built with it. It makes for a very rare car, but it’s still difficult to justify that $435K for a ‘B-List’ Ferrari.