Hear ye, hear ye Kings and Queens from lands far, far away! Now is the chance to live like royalty, as this 16th century Chateau d’Aix is officially available for rent!

Previously owned by some of Provence’s most important families, this spectacular castle sits on a monstrous 54 acres of fenced land within a 700 acre estate! This includes 12 hectares of almond tress, truffle oaks and olive trees - sure to  dazzle any guest who happens to rent this castle for a mere $85,000 per week.

But let’s get to the good part- the interior, of course! There are a total of 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, which can accommodate a total of 22 guests at any given time. The bedrooms, as one could expect, are huge and beautiful decorated.


Some rooms have a more antique feel, like this bedroom with a four poster bed, while others, like this red-themed room make you feel like a Queen with their rich colors and luxe textures.

The bathrooms are just as stunning as the bedrooms. Case in point: this jaw-dropping bath with a double vanity and walls which look bathed in gold.


But guests have another 11 bathrooms to choose from if that one doesn’t tickle their fancy!

For some quiet time, kick back and relax with a good book in this warm living room filled with gold motifs and velvet fabric.


There are plenty of places to have a meal such as the dining room alongside the hearth or the breakfast room where the sunlight can kiss your skin good morning.


Should you plan on meeting with clients, this castle is equipped with a few modern meeting  rooms.

This property also features its own chapel, heated swimming pool, tennis court and jacuzzi as well as a vast vineyard which produces plenty of wine guaranteed to make your stay at this castle an unforgettable one--or forgettable, depending how much you drink!

[Source: JamesEdition ]