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Hi L4P!

It would mean A LOT of you guys could help me out with a research project that I'm working on. I am trying to understand the operational and day to day frustrations of the garage business.

Here are some tasks that I NEED to have accomplished:

1. Reach out and talk to professionals in the garage business
2. Understand their day to day operational pain points
3. Create a hypothetical product that solves or addresses their pain point(s)

I am specifically looking to find out what tasks take the most time for you and which do you like the LEAST?

My research is basically geared more towards what operational activities you have to do that you get FRUSTRATED with or wish you could WAVE A WAND TO MAKE THEM DISAPPEAR.

Here are a couple questions I came up with to get you thinking but any answer is greatly appreciated:

1. What manual task in your daily routine would you like to AUTOMATE?
2. What piece of software that you use makes you want to PUNCH YOUR COMPUTER?
3. What software do you wish to have but currently DON'T?
4. What would you develop to make your day more PRODUCTIVE?
5. What the most EXPENSIVE PROBLEM in your business that could be automated?

I know and am sure that you guys are all very busy but I would love to hear some responses if time permits. Also, if you would rather talk feel free to call me. Just PM me and I'll send you my phone number.


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