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Sorry, i think i posted in the wrong forum section! How can i delete this post?!! I moved it to the MBZ section!

Hello Guys!

This is my first Thread!
First off, i would like to say that this is by far the best Car Forum i have ever seen!! It has some amazing members!

I am Italian, from Milan, but i spend a lot of time in NYC, Miami and London.

I ordered my G63 in Italy. It's supposed to Arrive in January!
It's my first Merc. so i am not quite familiar with tuners for it!

I would like to put big rims on it, 23s or 24s. Does it affect the ride a lot? I mostly use it around the city, but in summer and winter i usually do long trips with it, so i am not sure if these wheels will be uncomfortable!
I am not sure which wheels i want yet tho, for now all i saw are the adv.1 (ADV.1 Gallery | Mercedes G63 ADV7.01) and i really like them, i also like the ones Kim K. has on her G! Is there other wheels you can recommend me?

I would also like to do the ECU, but i have NO idea who offers the best program for the G!

In the future i will put the Hamann Wide Body kit!

Thank you everyone!
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