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Help name our upcoming American built #Minuteman MM1 wrist watch series.

Many have suggested we name each series of watches. We are considering doing that with our upcoming MM1 series. We would like use a name that is patriotic and a part of American history or. One that has a connection with our military. Based on that what name/s do you suggest?


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Before I get into the spec's I want to point out why this series is being brought to market. For those that don't know 25% of the profit from each Minuteman product we sell goes to charities that assist veterans and their families. The charities thus far have been The Gary Sinise Foundation and Mercury One. The great thing about those 2 is 100% of funds donated go to the vets not to marketing, admin costs etc. That is very rare with any charity.

Most or our brand interest has not come from the watch collector community. Our strongest supporters have been veterans of about 50 years of age or older. Followed up by active duty military personal aged 25 on up.

The active duty guys just don't make a lot of money. The older vets really rather have a more traditional sized men's watch. Also we have had some women that really wanted one but our current models have been too large for them.

So here is our solution.


38mm width without crown.
Sapphire crystal.
100 meter water resistance.
Available in brushed stainless and black PVD finishes.
Seiko VX series quartz movement.
Screw down SS case back.
Japanese sourced lume.
Quality imported leather strap.
We are currently considering also shipping each with a matching SS metal bracelet.
Supplied in our nice American made padded zipper cases.
Built and tested in the United States of America

Keep in mind we still don't have everything totally locked down and these will not be put up for sale till we hope the first quarter of 2015 via a Kickstarter campaign.

Currently we believe the MSRP on the brushed stainless models will be $299 with the PVD versions about $30 more. Depending on how the costs work out we hope to offer the brushed stainless models for $199 via the crowd funding effort. With the PVD versions being about $30 more.

So the hope is this smaller lighter spec lower priced watch will be more affordable to folks on a tight budget. Be a better fit for older men wanting a traditional size watch. Appeal to women wanting a contemporary sized Minuteman watch. Also more appealing to non-watch collector types who have expressed interests in our brand but have felt our current 43mm size is like wearing a clock.

As we hope more people will be able to and want to buy this model. We hope to be able to raise a lot more for veterans than what we are able to do with our current series.

I will point out there has been some demand from watch collector types for a watch with an auto movement. There are several issues with that.

1. Many of those folks have wanted them priced at about the same price as our current model is. Not going to happen people with an American built watch.

2. The cost for us for quality auto movements and the sort of minimum qty's we would have to buy them in.

3. The fact that 70% of our current fans just don't want a mechanical watch at all.

4. Higher costs to build the watches due to additional steps.

5. Much higher warranty claims and this is based on years of watch retailing both mechanical and quartz watches.

6. Complaints from buyers about accuracy of their auto watch.

Having said that we would like to offer a watch with an auto movement at some point. I know this is more info than you have asked for but. I hope it will also answer some other questions I expect many will have as to why we are spec’ing this watch the way we are.

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Could start with one called the "MRKA".

As far as military heritage namesakes, possibilities are endless. Of course you have your armors, like Bradley and Abrams. You have modern armors like MRAP, MAT-V, MaxxPro, RG, Buffalo. You have your jets, like Fighting Falcon, Strike Eagle, Hornet, and Raptor. Heavies such as the Hercules, Galaxy, Stratofortress, and my favorite AC130-U gunship, the Spooky. You have your munitions like Tomahawk and Hellfire. You have your heroes like Patton, MacArthur, Grant, aviators like Yeager, Lindberg.

Truly endless.
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