Help find 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

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Please, please help me find this car! I have tried every way possible to locate this car and I can't. It was a copper/brown color with a black vinyl top. The last owner lived in Cloquet, MN but we know nothing after that. The last owner does not have the info of the guy he sold it to. The VIN # is RM23H9G255506.


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The picture and vague description is not enough to track down the car. I'm not handing over 250 bucks for such a claim. Carfax and other such sites require a 17 digit VIN because they only do 1981 and newer. Max727-thanks for keeping an eye out at least!
Uhhh What? Yes your description was shit, but you know with the Vin its relatively easy to track down current owner and address right? Looks to me like you want us to do the work for you for free, and are ungrateful when someone has the info, and don't even try and get in contact and work out a deal. I also believe I know where the car is, but you don't feel like helping you one bit. Next time try and be polite, as your only 2 posts in and you seem like an ass hat.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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