HD Video + Quattroporte? Concave? ....YEAH

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Check it out guys :bow1:

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Nice video, car looks clean. Only thing is the headlights stand out soooo much because everything else is tinted/painted black, just looks unbalanced.
Clean. Gorgeous car, beautiful rims. I love it.
Needs a Chrome Trident on the grill, besides that.. beautiful!
I have a very large erection.

The wheels look great. They're very similar looking to the stock ones I have. What do a set of these run?
I like everything! Probably would have chosen something different that 10 spokers but still looks good!
Awesome! Was just in a company today and I saw a ton of Vossen boxes in the warehouse.
Thanks for the feedback guys, our VVS-CV2 will be debuting world wide on 10.15.2010
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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