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This 2003 996 Turbo came in with a few upgrades, but the owner wanted even more. So for this round, he decided on the EVOMS GT660 (660 HP) package including a number of bells and whistles.

You can see this is a special 996 Turbo, featuring the Type II GTS front bumper, rear wing, and side skirts.

On the lift she goes:

The rear bumper is removed:

The old exhaust is removed in favor of the Tubi system:

Intercoolers and intake etc. are removed to reach the turbos:

You can also see the Bilstein PSS coilover system in this picture.

New turbos are installed. These offer a major increase in top end power without significant additional lag to help us reach the goal of 660 HP:

They're also quite pretty:

The EVOMS Clubsport headers, further reduce lag and increase top end power:


A shiny new Tubi Exhaust is put in. Straight from Italy, this stylish stainless steel system reduces the weight, turbo lag and further increases the power from the OEM system. It also sounds nice. :)

And here's a video of the Tubi (this is on a 997 TT, but it gives an idea):
SharkWerks Porsche 997TT With Tubi Exhaust System - YouTube

Under the vehicle, it's now apparent that there are some old and new parts mixing together here:

EVOMS V-flow intake (opens up the air flow to the compressors, plus you can really hear the turbos spool now!):

Buttoning the car back up:

And the transmission comes out, for a new beefier Stage II clutch and pressure plate to handle the extra power:

To tie the horsepower together and ensure reliability with pump gas, no error codes and the safest / most optimized power curve possible from this hardware, we reprogrammed the ECU with EVOMSit software. No exciting pictures on this, but here's an idea of how Todd @ EVOMS modifies the file's fuel and timing maps:
EVOMSit Porsche Tuning, File Creation, Data Logging & Fine Tuning - YouTube

Out for a test run...

The car also sits on HRE's P43 wheels in black:

And finally the car is ready to be returned to its owner, all the way in Hawaii!

No matter how fast it is, this car will need to take a slow U-boat ride to the islands. Unfortunately there's no Route 66 or Autobahn connecting California... yet.


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Great upgrades! Thanks for the photos!

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how fast are we talking here?!
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