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Happy Easter holidays to everyone and just in case you feel like having a break this weekend you might find yours truly featured in a couple of Porsche magazines.

Panorama Magazine together with a couple of Rennlister 3.8L GT3RS and 4.0 GT3RS cars put our 4.1 to the test with a 14 page feature, in issue 685 (April 2014).

Along with PvB, Stout & Mooty's impressions against the factory 3.8 and 4.0 are some stunning pictures from Michael Alan Ross and a technical supplement of the how, what and why of the incredible Mezger engine and our 4.1 enhancements.

What an adventure and we got muddy too! PCA members should be getting their copies by the time you read this. You can also get the iPad version and more at Panorama

The Shark Werks / EVOMS 4.1L GT3RS was recently featured on the cover of Excellence Magazine issue # 218 titled "Big Bang Theory: Turbo Punch - Without the Turbos". Pick up a copy to find out what Ian Kuah had to say about our latest engine development for the 997.2GT3RS.

Oh and just as a teaser for Monday have a look-see here:

Head-over to Jay Leno's Garage, which should be online in a few days! As a teaser they have put up a neat pictorial gallery of our car
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