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Lexus LS 460L in for an extensive paint correction and interior detail.

Majority of the paint issues came from automatic car washes and later a paint chip repair guy who attempted some "buffing" of his own, naturally that only added to the issues.

This writeup contains lots of 50/50 pictures and several videos including one on DA wetsanding.

Prep procedure:

Pressure rinse
2 bucket wash using strong mix of CG citrus wash
Riccardo clay + ONR lube
Multiple IPA wipedowns to completely strip paint of old glaze


Sonax on wheels
Powerclean on tires/wheel wells

Started with the hood, many rock chips attempted to be fixed on the hood and more damage was left than damage fixed

Closeup of defects under Fenix LED

After M105 + wool pad and Menzerna Powerfinish

Wool compounding

Front fender corrected, door uncorrected

Trunk section was too damaged for high level correction using even a wool pad and M105, no sense in even testing out that combination as I would have yielded no more than maybe 75% correction, the gouges and deep rids would be left all over the trunk. In trying to chase down those very deep defects with a wool pad at high RPM I would most likely remove more clear coat than I would like to in the process.

So I opted to wetsand it instead. The entire trunk was DA sanded using 3000 grit discs

Lots of deep RIDS and gouges, again rock chip repair was attempted here and failed miserably.

Before beginning prep on the trunk I let the paper soak for about 40 minutes in lukewarm water

Two 3000grit discs soaking before using

Proper adapter screwed into backing plate for sanding, then the backing pad was put on

Finally after soaking, disc was centered on. I used 1 disc for the right side, and 1 disc for the left side after which both were thrown away.

Slurry left in the process of sanding, water in a sprayer bottled had a tiny bit of pH car soap for lubricity, some like that some dont, I prefer it. Not a ton of water used in this process so I guess you could classify it as "damp sanding" rather than wet sanding.

Readings taken after also

DA sanding Video

YouTube - Machine Wetsanding by Street Dreams Detail

Results and 50/50s after removing sanding marks with the same black wool pad and M105 combo plus foam compounding with Powerfinish, no finishing polish at this point


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I like this picture because it shows the natural color of the finish with the heavy concentration of swirls compared to the sanded and polished side

Left side then sanded also

Onto the rest of the car

The doors had some of the heaviest concentrations of swirls I have seen so far on any car

The 3 lightsource test.. if it passes this you achieved what you wanted.

- Halogen
- Camera Flash

Uncorrected under 3 different light sources

Corrected side under the same 3 light sources

Video 50/50

YouTube - Street Dreams Detail - Video 50/50 Before and After polishing


Drivers side door, same issues


After all compounding and polishing work the car was finished using the DA and Menzerna PO85rd. Lexus paint is very nice to work with but can be a bit of a pain to finish down via rotary so before taking any chances I switched down to the DA and it worked great.

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I'll open up a door or pop a hood so I can polish all the way to an edge without spilling over on the next panel...

Like I did here

After gentle finishing and some more inspection after another IPA wipedown I pulled the car outside to double check my work in the sun. No LSP applied yet

Sun shots after correction only

Trunk, nice and leveled

Back inside for interior work



Doorjambs sealed using Opti seal

LSP: Powerlock x2 applied by machine

Inside for the final wipedown using distilled water

Final shots

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Looks great dave! What wool pad was that?

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Great work.

How do you correct the area inside the handles? by hand or using the machine at the right angle?

Did you make a pass on every panel (excluding the trunk) with the wool pad then went into the polishing stage on each panel with the green pad?
Very tough to machine under a door handle, usually a cutting foam pad by hand works well, multiple passes are needed to get any level of correction done in there.

The entire car needed a wool pad and the trunk as well to remove the sanding marks. Then came a cutting foam pad followed by green and then black foams after that.
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