Half of this Porsche 911 is Made of Lego Bricks—No, Really

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Considering the curvy profile of the Porsche 911 RSR’s body, you wouldn’t think of replicating it with the most literally, brick-shaped building tool on the market.

Legonauts think otherwise, as the building block visionaries created this amazingly detailed half-Lego Porsche 911 RSR, right down to the racing livery and sponsor decals.

The Lego half is made up of over 380,000 bricks, arranged to approximate the organic curves of the race-ready 911. Save for the headlight, taillight, rear spoiler support, and wheels, the entire right-hand side of the car is rendered in the little plastic cuboids—right down to the hood pins.

The car was on display for 24 Hours of Le Mans .


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