Hadn't Been to Mastro's Before

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I've done most of the big name steak houses here in So.Cal with one of the exceptions being Mastro's. Ordered the 33oz Rib-Eye Chop, the Lobster mashed potatoes and the Asparagus. For desert I had the Chocolate Sin Cake. All in all it was a nice cut of meat and a good meal. My only contention would be that I don't feel it was a $330 meal (2 people no alchohol) nor was service very impressive.

Here's a crappy cell phone photo of my steak.

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So the waiter originally brings me a bill for $380. I look at and go dude, i'm a pig but I can't eat no $400 in food. $279 plus tip came to $329. Their is one drink on the tab, a Mojito, but I'd hardly call that drinking.

Thanks Kye! Definately like adding good places to my list of eateries.

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I love Cut at the Wilshire Hotel. Wagyu beef is very good there.
Blair made the same comment about Cut when he came out earlier this year. We also ordered a Wagyu plate for our table when we went to Nobu's. I did enjoy it. Might have to try a whole steak.
You missed out on some nice watch shopping! Tomorrow we go old school, Tito's Taco's style. Talk about stand in line. :lol:

One thing worth mentioning were the oysters, I hadn't had some really good ones in a while. The Bluepoint oysters served at Mastro's were very good.
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