GTR + Jet + ADV.1 % win x 10 = Teaser

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The Epic Continues...Not a teaser any more!

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saw a teaser Adrey put up on the GTR forums...can't wait to see full shoot pics!!
now that is the perfect wheels for the GT-R. Adv1 is often imitated never duplicated.
WOW! thats niiiccee:)
Man, I'd probably love every car in front of those jets :lol:
Can't wait for the full shoot.
I dont know... kinda looks like a "WIN" to me.....
Holy Sh*t! You guys are amazing:bow1:
Awww Cute!

JK HOT! Great car, and an even better wheel and photoshoot set up!!
Wow, nice exhaust. MORE!

@Symbolic Motors
I love photoshoots with jets....yummy
Audrey's car look great before but now with those wheels it looks freaking wicked. Great shoot can't wait to see more pics
I was expecting the Jet to have an ADV1 wheels on it :(
I hate are more pics for everyone that were posted on the GTR forum I go on. TEASER FREE SOCIETY!! (in large sizes as well thank you very much...)

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1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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